New website planned!

Just a bit of an update on EV's World. EV's World is likely ca-put for good. Once again I broke the website trying to upgrade the software like I have done in the past. Oh well.

Very possible EV's World and the style of content that was posted there won't make a comeback like previously thought. Yes, there is still a new website planned though. This site (www.evmiller.com) might end up being upgraded from blogger to Woltlab and be more of a professional front end for me. This change might mean I'll be employing a managed solution in the future- so I don't break things again. Will have to see how this evolves. Plan on giving some love to my social media presence and a new website will be a natural progression from my work on those platforms. For right now, I'll continue to blog here where it wouldn't be appropriate for Facebook or other social media and their audiences. Mainly Misc. content that isn't inline with what's being published there much like what was put up on EV's World. 

Check back from time to time for more updates on this.

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